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Do you repair (insert brand)?
Yes! We repair all major (and most minor) brands of Sewing Machines and Vacuum Cleaners! Household Sewing machines, including but not limited to: Singer, Viking, Pfaff, Brother, Janome, New Home and many more. Household and most commercial Vacuum cleaner brands, including but not limited to: Dyson, Kirby, Oreck, Hoover, Eureka/Sanitaire, Electrolux, Simplicity, Lindhaus.

Do you have parts for (insert brand) vacuums?
We do our best to keep up with the quickly changing landscape of vacuum cleaners. As there are new models introduced almost monthly, it is nearly impossible to keep everything on hand for every model. However, the most popular models we do have parts for usually. For instance: Kirby, Dyson, Oreck and Hoover parts, filters, and belts are usually on hand. If we don't have it, we can almost always order it!

Do you have parts for (insert brand) sewing machines?
This is a bit more tricky, most of the time we can accommodate with things like bobbins, feet, and even foot controls. Especially home sewing machines made within the last 20 years. We try to keep parts in stock for the most popular models. However, if we don't have it, we can almost always get it.

How long have you been in business?
Smitty's is proud to have served the Sauk Valley for over 55 years! Originally opened in 1962 by Stuart Smith, it has had only 3 owners since that day. Smitty himself, David Roether, and Mark Gunderson.

My vacuum won't turn on. What's Wrong?
Most often, this is caused by a vacuum becoming clogged and overheating. Although, there are many other possibilities. Almost all vacuum cleaners these days have a “thermal couple” on the main suction motor. When the vacuum struggles for air, it cannot cool itself, so obviously the temperature rises. These “thermal couples” stop the flow of electricity to the motor once a certain temperature is reached, preventing the motor from receiving electricity in order to run. Some have a “reset” button that can be pressed once the vacuum is cleared and allowed to cool for a period of time. The ones without a button should continue working after cooling down. If this is not the issue, there is always the chance you have a bad switch, cord, motor, or on many recent models a PC board.

Why is my sewing machine making loops underneath?
Ahh loops. The bane of every sewer's existence! This can be caused by MANY different problems. However, by far the most common is simply that the “take up lever” has come unthreaded. Or the thread did not get seated in the top tension properly. If you haven't already, COMPLETELY UNTHREAD AND RETHREAD the machine. Don't just look at it and say “everything looks ok.” Believe me it is easy to miss the slightest anomaly in threading. “The simplest solution is often the best.” If threading is not the issue, we have to consider hook timing, feed dog timing, type of thread, type of needle, and burrs on interior parts or needle plate among many others.

How much does it cost to have my Sewing Machine/Vacuum looked at?
Estimate: $0. Knowing what's wrong with your machine: priceless. We give FREE estimates on all of our repairs.

The “brush” on my vacuum isn't turning. What's Wrong?
Most often this is caused by a broken belt. MOST vacuum cleaners have a rubber, stretch belt that should be changed EVERY 3 TO 6 MONTHS! It's like an oil change in your car, you can get away with it for a while but your machine won't be working as well and it can cause major problems down the road. If your vac takes a cogged belt, it can still break. However it could also be a problem with the motor that drives the brushroll. We give FREE estimates on all repairs, partly for this reason. This problem can be expensive to repair.

My vacuum has suction, but still isn't picking up. HELP!
Contrary to popular belief (and certain advertising): SUCTION DOES NOT PICK UP DIRT!! I know, you already think I'm crazy, hear me out. If suction cleaned dirt, you could use your bathroom plunger! I can pick up a bowling ball with it, it has suction. Why can't I clean with it? The answer: AIR FLOW! A vacuum cleaner works by moving air from point A to point B as quickly as possible, bringing dirt with it. If your filters have not been REPLACED in the past 6 months, they need to be. Not WASHED, Replaced! This is true of all vacuum cleaners. Even when we wash filters, much like our clothing, they never come 100% clean. In a vacuum, that leftover dirt creates an extra obstacle for the air, slowing its advance to point B. Resulting in loss of cleaning effectiveness. NO vacuum, regardless of the advertising, is immune from this issue. There can be other causes, broken belt or hose blocked for instance, but the filters and broken belts are the most common.
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